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HAPPY BIRTHDAY FANNY/ [personal profile] anotherfmafan

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My bday is in a few weeks so if you want.. I would gladly accept that fic XDD You know the one I'm talking about, the one that I ACCIDENTALLY caused... XD
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I LOVE THE SLASHY ED/GREED HINTS IN EPS 13 OF BROTHERHOOD!!!! (and I love the hints in the first anime too of course <333 the first anime made them my otp <33)

No I'm not caught up XD;;; BUT EPS 13 IS MY FAVORITE OF BROTHERHOOD!!!!!!! >.>
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Went to a coworker's baby shower last night. They were talking about the mangers. Apparently, the manger Missy, can't work at one Red Lobster anymore because she treated the workers like crap, well she does here too >_>, but one of them brought a gun in to shoot her cause she was so horrible to them... Yeah, not surprised, that's how she treats people at the one  I work at too.

And another one? Well she can't work at a different store since she too treated employees like shit and too many quit cause of her...

And we have both of them at ours..

No wonder we go through so many employees... >_>

ETA: I'm taking pics of my old room,  and my new one. Well, before pics of it and then after it's finished, pics of it all done too. Wif, thankies for the pics of your room! ^_^ *huggles*
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So, I finally get the brother's old room, which is the internet/cable room.. I'm painting it green, taking out the carpeting, putting in Asian furniture . I is making my final choice on which shade of green tonight. And I'm getting a double bed \o/ I'm looking for a black bookcase, which will go with my room much better. Also putting some black shelves on the walls to put my plushies and Gloomy bears up there.

I is excited \o/
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well, she responded to our reviews here

ANd pretty much thinks us Roy/Ed fans are the childish ones... Well, coming someone who must have read all the Roy/ed fics ever to know that Ed never has automail so he never sees Winry and Winry is always dead.. it doesn't surprise me >_>

Glad to know there are so many good fics out there though ^_^ Which takes my mind off idiots who think they know everything about something they don't read >_>

ETA: I love how she says she hates yaoi, yet in her profile she says she supports Light/L. Way to fail more >_>


Jul. 10th, 2009 03:15 pm
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It's called: Comeback (to the 80's)

I love it soo much. They're the only pop group I ever really liked. I liked the boy bands yes, but eh, I was never as fond of them as Aqua. They're also the only pop group, besides SS501, that I like.

Now if only I could get the greatest hits cd so I could try to put Comeback to the 80's on my mp3 and hear the 2 other new songs they have ;_;

ETA: I has finally found the preorder for it on Amazon and I has done so \o/ It comes out the same day as Fma vol 19 \o/
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This fic pisses me off, but it's not like the one in the post before. I'll explain why, somewhat.

Please read the first few chapters of this amazing fic, which was published, 06-27-09.

And you will see why.

Maybe it's fanfic that is being ripped off, but seriously? To copy it almost word for word? That's BS.
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I still have a dreamwidth code if anyone wants it.
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Fic rec:

Flames and a Golden Sword ยป by whereSilencebegins reviews
Ed is just another high school student with a dark past when he meets a Roy, handsome, dark haired military officer and falls in love with him. Roy was just following orders when he comes across the teen and can't understand why he is so drawn...

Also: it's an hs Fma fic but it follows the storyline! Well I think it's the first anime story line's anyways, so those who don't really read au's, this is but isn't. There are some differences but still, Ed does become a state alchemist and work for Roy. You'll have to read it though to see the differences and what I mean but READ IT!! really just awesome fic. I can't praise it enough cause it's so amazing and just wonderful

I really really, really, REALLY love this fic. It's wip but it's just so amazing, so even if you wait til fics are finished.. at least give this one a chance right now XD

Yes, it's from the pit but the pit does have some amazing stories!! And this is one of them.


Jun. 17th, 2009 09:55 pm
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Also, Dreamwidth gave me 4 (I think unless I got a double email and it's the same) invite coes if anyone wants any
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For happymediocrity who wanted to see my corsets...
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Happy Birthday [personal profile] ashlei

Here's some of the few Cloud/Terra pics I could find, you probably have but.. you gets a picspam anyways XD
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Happy Birthday, happy mediocrity

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O.O I've never seen a lUst cosplay with the nail/claw things she has... That's pretty neat